06-01-2016 • A Bright Red Skirt

When I was in middle school, my mom made me the cutest bright red skirt.  It was a simple cotton drindl style skirt with a drawstring waist that I loved.  I don't think it ever even got handed down to my sister because I wore it until it was faded and worn.  There were many reasons I loved that skirt.  It was my favorite color.  I loved red as only a sixth grader could associate love to a color.  It was my inner fierce dragon because, in reality, I was a very shy book worm in middle school.  But whenever I wore that skirt, in my mind I was buddies with Janet Jackson and Kim Fields.  Lol, it was really a great skirt!

The second reason I loved that skirt was that my mom made it for me.  She picked the red color because she knew how much I loved it.  Incredibly to me, she also made it as a surprise in just one afternoon!  I came home one day after school, and she told me she had a surprise for me on her bed.  As a kid, my parents’ room was a “by invitation only” space. You were asked in either for a wonderful treat or to be privately disciplined.  When I went in and saw this beautiful red skirt, I was ecstatic!  "For me?” I exclaimed.  "Yes, for you,” she said.  My heart melted.  I was so excited.  “I made it this afternoon while you were at school.  I noticed you kept looking at the pattern."  I immediately tried it on.  It was a perfect fit.

Of course, I wanted to wear it with Espadrilles which were the rage at the time, and my favorite home room teacher had a pair.  And although I was sadly wearing a ladies size 10 shoe, my mom nixed the idea as too mature for my young, large feet.

Fast forward to last summer when I was out shopping and found this bright red box pleated skirt.  I felt like a kid again!  It seemed so cheery and fun that I had to buy it.  I paired it one Monday morning with a breezy white linen tunic and wedge gold linen Espadrilles.  My feet are finally mature enough to handle their adult silhouette. Lol!

I love how a moment, a picture, a taste, or even a garment can help you relive a joyous time in your past.  My red skirt does it every time.