Why Am I Here?

Whew!  That certainly sounds deep for what is a lifestyle blog, but I am sure it is a question most bloggers ask themselves as they embark on writing a blog.  Why am I doing this and why would you want to read it?  Well, here are a few reasons you would enjoy checking out my take on enjoying life on planet Earth.

First of all, my name is actually Sharon Joy.  Weird but true.  It seems like it has taken a lifetime to actually share my namesake but here I am now, doing what I love.

A friend once told me that he thought he had "been here before” – he felt he was an old soul living yet another life. I told him that I believed this was my first time here, and if my soul could have an age, it would be brand spanking new.  I find the world to be a place of new and exciting wonders. I get a kick out of seeing the sunset and watching people scramble from subway stations as they embark on their days.  I realize each person has a story and are all pieces of the puzzle that makes up this world. 

 Photo credit to Fanny C. Montero - check her pictures out at lacamaradefanny.com!

Photo credit to Fanny C. Montero - check her pictures out at lacamaradefanny.com!

I was always the kid who strayed away from the group.  I still think something exciting can be "just around the river bend" (I also think in terms of song lyrics at times – a shout out to the person who comments on the name of that tune), so I am always going around a new corner to see what can be found.

As a transplanted Detroiter living in the NYC area, I am living in my version of a giant candy store.  There is so much culture, history, and innovation to discover in New York City it seems it would take a lifetime to see it all.  As I discover interesting things about the city, I want to share them with you.  My co-workers are growing tired of my endless tales of what I saw on my walk to the Train.  Lol!

I also love entertaining, crafting, fashion, and cooking.  Amazingly, I get a little time to enjoy all of those things from time to time in the midst of hours spent commuting around the Big Apple.  So you can expect some great DIY projects, delicious recipes to try, and the occasional outfit of the day when the stars align and my socks are matching.

So, that is the tip of the iceberg about me.  The picture above is an oldie but goodie of me taken many moons ago experiencing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time on Martha's Vineyard.  Needless to say, I was awed by its beauty and majesty. It seemed so vast and incredible to me, yet within the span of the unending horizon, controlled.  It made me feel small and yet big.  I was grateful to be part of life on this planet.  I play a part and so do you. Little did I know that, years later, the Atlantic Ocean would just be on the other side of town and that I would spend many a day enjoying the ebb and flow of its tide.  Wow!  Life is an amazing gift from above!

Thanks for letting me share a few of my joyful musings with you.  Welcome to Sharon's Joyful Life!